Striping Solutions for Pavement

Striping for Residential and Commercial Properties

Striping for asphalt is an important part of any road project or business. If you have a parking lot or a road, striping will increase the safety and efficiency of your business. Lewellyn’s has years of experience performing striping projects for a variety of customers in both the Greater-Charlestown and Louisville areas. We are locally owned and operated and create the straightest lines possible to ensure your customers get the right impression of you and your business the first time.

Striping projects

We have performed striping projects all over Southern Indiana and Louisville. Some of the striping areas we have expertise in include:

  • Striping for the control of traffic
  • Striping for parking lots and large pavement areas
  • Warehouse striping
  • Sports field and court markings (do you do these?)
  • ADA striping
  • Road surface striping


Old and worn striping can create a potentially dangerous situation for traffic in your business or roadway. Restriping is an economical way to give your pavement a fresh, new look that inspires confidence in customers while also safety directing traffic and vehicles.

The average parking lot striping lasts roughly 2-4 years depending on the quality of the surface it is applied to, climate and temperature conditions, sun exposure, etc. Maintaining your striping regularly is crucial to ensuring that traffic is able to navigate your roads and facilities.

ADA Complaint Striping

We currently offer striping services that are in full compliance with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) for a variety of businesses, both public and private.

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