Patching and Pothole Repair

Safely and quickly correct pavement hazards

Patching repairs are a common and cost-effective way to eliminate holes in asphalt, both commercially and in residential spaces. Lewllyn’s has years of experience in patching potholes of all sizes, so you can avoid liability, equipment damage, and further pavement damage.

Active pot holes allow water, chemicals, and debris to enter the pavement, which can further degrade the surrounding material. This often means that what started as a pot hole can quickly advance to a crater. Timely repair is crucial to minimizing future damage and lowering repairs costs.

Depending on the circumstances of your pot hole (including your pavement type, location, use type, etc.) we may recommend one of a variety of patches. We use an asphalt saw to cut out areas and put in new asphalt.

Surface patching

Surface patching is a repair that is typically limited to a topical section of the pavement (1-2 inches). While a more budget friendly options, this is usually recommended as a more temporary repair for a smaller area. Lewellyn’s will recommend surface patching only in specific instances, because it is not able to fully correct deeper cracks and pot holes.

We also perform full depth patching for a variety of homes, as well as parking lots, playgrounds, and other commercial areas. When properly applied, a full depth patch can be considered a permanent repair. We cut out the entire surface of the pavement, as well as much of the base layer (typically 4 inches or more in depth) in order to correct deteriorated areas and ensure the integrity of the asphalt is fully restored.

At Lewellyn’s we use utilize the best patching techniques in the business. We have been locally owned and operated since 1985. Our employees take pride in their work and craftmanship, and we give you peace of mind that your project will be completed to the highest standards of quality.

If you have a pothole, you may be able to avoid a more expensive repaving by utilizing our patching service.

Want more information on patching and pothole repair? Reach out to us today for a free estimate and personalized consultation!