Serving Kentuckiana’s Black Top Sealcoating needs Since 1985 Serving Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky

Member, Louisville Apartment Association

  • Residential-industrial-commercial
  • Your asphalt is your welcome mat to your customers, church members, friends and family.
  • Remember, first impressions matter!!!
  • Protect your asset. Not sealcoating could wind up costing you 10x more!!!

Lewellyn’s Sealcoating, LLC, started his black top sealcoating business part time in 1985 working evenings and weekends. In 1989, our goal of making this sealcoating business a full time endeavor became a reality. The business has steadily grown over the years to include a fleet of trucks to meet the demands of residential, commercial and industrial customers. We take great pride in customer satisfaction and realizes that word of mouth is the most effective marketing tool.

What we do:

  • Asphalt Sealcoating
  • Striping
  • Patching
  • Hot Pour Crackfilling
  • Cold Pour Crackfilling
  • Installation of Parking Blocks
  • Installation of Speed Bumps
  • Paving