Asphalt Sealcoating Services

Enhance and Protect your Asphalt Pavement

The best option for protecting your pavement

Asphalt is comprised mostly of rock and stone. These materials are bound using a special cement binder, which helps keep the asphalt strong and allows it to maintain its shape.

Asphalt is exposed to a wide variety of harmful materials, including Ultraviolet (UV) light, rain, snow, and chemical. Asphalt also must endure vast temperature changes depending on your locale. In Indiana, we experience a wide variety of temperature fluctuations, which can be hard on asphalt.

All of these effects are detrimental to the life of your asphalt. More specifically, they work to break down the chemical hold that keeps the rocks and stone in asphalt together. As a result, you are left with a surface that begins to degrade, chip, and wear.

Sealcoating is like wax on your car. It helps protect the chemical binder while also enhancing its look. Asphalt sealer is preventative. This means that the faster you apply sealcoating, the quicker you can maintain the beauty of your existing asphalt. Please note that newly paved driveways need to cure before we can apply sealcoat.

On the other hand, if your asphalt is already starting to degrade, we can still step in to preserve and beautify. So, while there is never a bad time to sealcoat, we always advocate sooner rather than later, if possible.

Sealcoating Q&A

Is there a minimum temperature to apply sealcoating?

Yes – temperature must be 55 degrees or higher before the sealcoating process can begin. This temperature must be stable for a period of at least a few days.

Are there other weather considerations?

Yes. We do not apply sealcoating if we expect poor weather or rain. We also cannot sealcoat right after recent rain.

When can I drive on my newly coated asphalt?

Please wait at least 24 hours before driving on your new asphalt. There is a 24-hour curing period which is crucial to the life of your sealcoating application. However, the longer you can stay off the asphalt (beyond that 24-hour period) the better for the driveway.


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