Almost a quarter of century of experience in the sealcoating industry!!!

Lewellyn’s Sealcoating started back in 1983 and has grown and flourished since its inception. Lewellyn’s is a recognized leader in the Sealcoating industry in the Kentuckiana area, just ask one of the hundreds of extremely pleased customers!!!

Customized job scheduling

Lewellyn’s understands that some businesses have peak and low times of business, so we do our very best to adapt to these schedule needs when planning the work to be performed.

Quality Materials

Lewellyn’s believes in only using the highest quality materials available in the sealcoating industry.”We do not dilute our products like some competitors. Diluting materials reduces the life of sealcoating dramatically.”

Quality equipment

Lewellyn’s understands the importance of top notch equipment. Excellent performing equipment isn’t cheap, but nothing less will do for the owner Gary.

Gary is a stickler about properly maintaining the equipment, as he has spent many years accumulating and investing years of profits back into his business.

Qualified crew members

The owner Gary Lewellyn has hand picked his crew members and takes great pride in their attention to detail and incredible work ethic.

Attention to Detail…Job #1!
You can be rest assured all of Lewellyn’s employees are from the local community and are legal citizens.

All of the crew members take ownership of their work, as if Lewellyn’s Sealcoating was their own business.

They embrace going the extra mile in everything they do and this philosophy is more than evident as they complete jobs timely, and especially noticeable in the craftsmanship and longevity of their work.

Our reputation is rock solid and we are serious about doing top notch work!!!